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Vintage Hamilton Alarm, Vulcain Cricket movement

Short Description:
Unusual Hamilton mechanical Alarm watch using the highly collectible Vulcain Cricket movement. Dates to the 1960's.

Long Description:

Only the second such watch I have seen. This Alarm wristwatch uses the movement from the famed Vulcain Cricket, and has ben re-labeled the Hamilton cal 642.

The watch, which dates to the late sixties, has very little wear and is in excellent condition. The dial has a brushed finish and large steel markers. Please note the pointed arrow hand, indicating the alarm setting time.

The singular winding stem winds both the movement and the alarm mechanism depending on which direction you turn the crown, quite an efficient solution to the extra function in the wristwatch. Also the setting mechanism requires that the alarm button be depressed in order to move the alarm indicator hand. 

The case measures 34mm wide by 41mm long and the watch is supplied on a new black Italian leather strap.  

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