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Vintage Omega Constellation Megaquartz f2.4 MHZ

Short Description:
Rare Omega Megaquartz, with the 2.4 megahertz movement, rated as the most accurate wristwatch in the world, EVER!

Long Description:

This watch perhaps is the highest evolution of quartz technology in a wristwatch.

The movement in the watch was developed in the early 1970's and stands as the most accurate movement ever produced. Here is an excerpt from a piece by Omega on the watch... "It was first introduced on the market in 1974 (calibre 1510). Its unmatched precision of one second a month is around 10 times superior to that of an ordinary quartz watch."

The massive stainless steel case has a reference number of ST 396.0806  and is fitted with the Omega Chronometer rated calibre 1510. The dial of this Omega Constellation is an interesting Lapis blue speckled pattern with glistens as it is moved. The date wheel at the bottom of the dial has white numbers set against a red background.

The watch is supplied on the original heavy steel Omega bracelet that it left the factory with. These watches bear a family resemblance with the highly rated and very significant Omega Mariner Chronometer wristwatch, which used a modified version of this movement.

The watch measures 33 mm wide by a whopping 49 mm long. This is an impressive piece for any Omega fan to own.  



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