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Omega Flightmaster pilots watch.

Short Description:
A classic vintage Omega Flightmaster watch from the 1970's, with an original bracelet.

Long Description:

This Omega Flightmaster is a very unique looking vintage watch.

The Flightmaster came in 2 versions, an earlier model that had a 24 hour time register at 9 o'clock instead of the running seconds register found on this model. The movement used in this model is the 17 jewel Omega manual wind calibre 911. The 24 hour model used the Omega manual wind calibre 910. 

The condition of this watch is superb, the watch appears to be new old stock at first glance, however a closer look reveals that one of the crowns on the left side has a slight knick in it and the rotating minute bezel has sustained some ultraviolet degradation. Other than that the watch is mint, Look closely at the original case finish. this cannot be replicated and it simply stunning. 

The dial on this watch is breathtaking, the hands all still have a very sharp contrast against the dial and the wrist presence created by this watch is overwhelming. My wife actually calls it "the EGG".

This watch was created for pilots and was marketed by Omega as such. There is evidence that Flightmasters were used by the Astronauts, reference Imai's Omega Speedmaster book, there's a Soviet Cosmonaut wearing a Flightmaster identical to this. 

This wristwatch is larger than most watches and measures  43mm wide by 52mm long and is supplied on the original Omega bracelet ref 1162.



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