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Vintage Eterna Eternamatic wrist watch.

Short Description:
Virtually new old stock Eterna vintage watch with all original parts and factory finish.

Long Description:

This vintage Eterna watch came out of a parcel of vintage wristwatches that were never worn by the previous owner.

The watch is extremely crisp and features the original Eterna crystal and crown that bear the 5 dotted emblem. The ETA based movement was just serviced by my watchmaker as it had not been touched since leaving the factory. The watch is running as new.

The original leather strap has unfortunately dried out and deteriorated over the years since the watch was made in the 1970's, so a brand new leather strap has been fitted.

The stainless steel case has some very interesting design cues including case lugs that slope off away from the case and also have the outside corners cut away to make the watch appear to have bombe lugs.

The Eternamatic represents and exceptional value as they are known for high grade movements and the level of finish of their cases, this model elevates the attraction given the pristine condition of the watch.    

The solid steel case measures 33mm wide, excluding the crown and 41mm long. The total height including the slightly domed crystal is 11mm.



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