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RCAF Military issued Aviators watch

Short Description:
Genuine Royal Canadian Air Force issued navigators watch, with all original markings.

Long Description:

These simply, yet distinct watches bear the official markings of an issued timepiece, the Military Boradarrow engraved on the back. The contract number is clearly visible on the back of the watch along with the unique issue number for the quartermaster to record its use and subsequent disposal.


The watch appears to be part of a general World War 2 era contract with the 6B/150 coding. However having spoken to some RCAF members, they claim the watches date to the Korean conflict. Perhaps they remained in use until the 1950s, as all the ones I have seen had an issue number that included the /42 designation, implying they were issued in 1942.


Aside from the history lesson above, the watch is an excellent example of an RCAF watch. The dial appears mint and in the normal 3, 6, 9, 12 O’clock luminous Arabic numerals set against a white back ground with blued steel luminous filled hands.


This watch is fitted with a 16 jewel Waltham Premier movement, with was just serviced by my watchmaker and is keeping good time. This is not a hacking timepiece, some have said that these were originally “hacking” watches; however of the 12 or so I have owned, none have hacked (the seconds hand stops when the crown is pulled out).


The case is chrome plated brass with a stainless steel back. There are almost no signs of wear on the case, only a couple small lines under the case top, which are not visible on the wrist.


This watch measures 39 mm long by 31 mm wide.   

Military Issued Watches


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