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Porte and Markle vintage Trench watch, solid silver made by Longines

Short Description:
A solid Silver Trench watch retailed by Porte and Markle Winnipeg using a Longines movement

Long Description:

A lovely vintage trench watch made from solid sterling silver.

This wonderful vintage gem dates to 1918 based on the interesting dedication engraved on the back of the case, C. P. Wilson, Legal Handicap, 1912.

The dial is a near perfect porcelain dial signed Porte & Markle and features a wonderful red painted 12 at the top of the dial.

The solid silver case is double hinged at the side and incorporates a built in dust cover and the hallmarked rear caseback.

The 15 jewel Longines calibre 11.87  movement is in great running order and is also fully signed Porte & Markle.

As a side note research indicates that Porte & Markle was a well known Manitoba Jeweller that eventually became part of the Birks chain of stores across Canada.

The Trench watch was thus named during its service in World War 1 as it was the first time soldiers were able to wear a wristwatch into battle and most of that fighting was done in trenches.

The watch measures 30mm round and is supplied on a high gloss black leather strap.

Porte and Markle


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