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RCAF issued Omega military wristwatch

Short Description:
Rare stainless steel military issued Omega. Watches that have been purchased and issued by Military forces around the world are much harder to source than similar watches that have never done Military service.

Long Description:

This vintage Omega wristwatch was purchased with a number of other Royal Canadian Air Force issued surplus watches from the same source I have obtained previous pieces from in the past.

The most interesting feature of the watch is the almost homemade nature of the broad-arrow inscription and quartermaster markings. These Omega RCAF watches are generally considered to be RAF surplus from World War 2 that were recased. Some ended up reissued to the RAF and British Army and others were sentover to the RCAF for re-casing as Aviators watches for the Korean conflict during the 50 and into the 1960's also.

The serial number of this particular watch dates it to 1943. The movement is the legendary 30T2 that found fame during its service in World War 2.

The solid steel and fully signed Omega case also appears to date to the 1940's with its serial number based identification on the inside of the caseback as opposed to the 4 digit reference numbers used in the 1950's. Another  interesting feature of this case is the stepped lugs which is an esthetic detail you don't often see on military cases.

The original dial pattern is unique to RCAF issued watches and can be found on watches from other manufacturers such as Longines and Waltham.

The watch measures 33 mm wide (excluding crown) by 38 mm long.

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