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Vintage Universal Geneve bumper automatic watch

Short Description:
Early bumper automatic watch by Universal Geneve

Long Description:

An early automatic watch from one of the better watch companies in Switzerland, Universal Geneve.

The watch features a gleaming silver white dial that was just restored to the original pattern and print. The dial features raised gold coloured markers in alternating  even Arabic numerals and thin arrowhead markers in the odd spots.

The automatic movement fitted in the watch is the early bumper style of rotor winding with the weight only completing a partial radius before rebounding off fixed springs, creating a bumping sensation, and thus named a bumper auto.

The Universal calibre 139 movement was just serviced and is working properly and keeping good time.

The case is a gold filled model signed Star Watch Company which was one of the companies Omega used to assemble cases in the US in an effort to avoid taxes higher tariffs. There is no wear through on the 10K gold-filled case.

The watch measures 33.5 mm wide by 40 mm long and is supplied on a new leather strap.

Universal Geneve


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