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Rolex Submariner 5512, circa 1970 with Rolex service papers

Short Description:
Vintage Rolex Submariner watch, model 5512, circa 1970. This rare model was much more expensive than its non-chronometer counterpart, the 5513 and as such was sold in lower numbers. This is a watch to buy and cherish for generations.

Long Description:

A very clean vintage Rolex Submariner model 5512 with Rolex service history.
The Chronometer rated Rolex 5512 remains a highly sought after watch as they were sold in significantly fewer numbers than the popular 5513, which was not
chronometer rated. 
This watch dates to 1970 based on the serial number and the date code stamped inside the caseback. As was common at the time, Rolex used the 5513 and 5512 backs simultaneously and often one watch ended up with the others reference number stamped in the caseback. This model has a 5513 caseback which not only shows the production date but the record of service at Rolex New York. The copied paperwork that accompanies that service will be included with the watch.
 The original matte black dial has the original and evenly aged luminous on the hour markers and hands. There is one slight mark on the dial between the Superlative Chronometer rating, This is only visible under magnification
The Rolex calibre 1570 movement is in pristine condition and has been reviewed at my local Rolex dealership and given a passing grade for its condition and performance. This movement is one of the earliest hacking seconds movements, most were thought to have been introduced in 1972.
The watch overall is in excellent condition and is as clean an example of this watch you are likely to find in the marketplace today, with the added bonus of Rolex service papers. You can see the optional dial and hand replacement was refused at the time of service.
The watch is supplied on a genuine Rolex folded Oyster fliplock bracelet model 9315 which is a full 12 links. The bracelet is near mint and was restored as part of the Rolex service.

The watch measures 40mm wide and 48mm long from lug tip to lug tip.



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