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Vintage Rolex Victory Canadian Market model

Short Description:
Antique Rolex Victory watch Canadian Market model.

Long Description:

This vintage Rolex Victory is the stablemate to the other antique Canadian non-Oyster Rolex, the Skyrocket .


The Victory and Skyrocket were produced alongside the Canadian Oysters using locally made cases and dials, while using Swiss-made, Rolex modified ebauche movements.


The cases used on these watches were either produced by Pioneer or ID, in a variety of materials, Silver, steel, plated (chrome or Gold). This case has been detailed and re-plated with Rhodium.


The movement is a Rolex modified FEF calibre, renamed the Rolex calibre 59 movement. These movements were used from the 1930's right through to the late 1950s on both Rolex and Tudor watches.


The watch represents a unique segment of the early history of this now famed brand and is a wearable piece of horological history. Many of these watches were given as presents during wartime, during the Second World War. This particular watch appears to have a Military origin as the caseback is engraved with a Canadian serviceman's registration number.  


The case measures 30 mm wide and 10.5 mm thick including the crystal.



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