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Vintage Moeris British Military issued World War 2 watch

Short Description:
Moeris issued Military watch, ATP British Army watch.

Long Description:
A great military issued watch with what the collectors refer to as WABI, or character. This Second World War issued watch was made by Swiss Company Moeris for teh British Army early in the War and is engraved ATP o teh rear, along wih the Military broad arrow emblem. The initials ATP indicate this was issued as an Army Time Piece. The all original dial is in great shape for an issued piece and does have a a bit of patina on the dial. The hour markers are appled in black paint with radium dots outside of them in the minute track. The fact it uses a white dial is rare by general military specifications but all of the ATP watches I have seen did come with white dials as opposed to the later models which were issued with black dials. The watch is fitted with a 15 jewel Moeris 10 1/2 ligne movement, which was just serviced by my watchmaker and is keeping time. The chrome plated case has a some wear to the plating and is evidence of a hard life on the battlefield. The solid lug bars are still fitted to the watch. Case measures 33 mm by 39 mm and the watch will be supplied on a grey canvas NATO strap or black or brown leather strap.

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