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Tag Heuer Formula 1 circa 1990's

Short Description:
Earlier model of the popular Tag-Heuer Formula One line of watches. All original with the proper TAG signed rubberized strap.

Long Description:

These older Tag-Heuer Formula One are quite an iconic watch for most people. The marketing done by Tag Heuer in association with the Formula 1 racing circuit helped to propel this line into the limelight.

The watch itself is a marvel of simplicity, with its plastic case, rotating bezel and rubberized plastic bezel. The watch is fitted with a high torque Tag-Heuer quartz movement. Please note the original signed Tag Heuer crown fitted to the watch.

The dial is a wonderful shade of blue to compliment the Royal blue shade of the case. The knurled black bezel is fully functional and is unidirectional as it should be.

Compared to the older vintage Heuer dive watches from the 60's and 70's this model seems so much more playful, but the truth is it has survived with remarkably little wear.

A future classic and a wonderful starter watch from one of the most popular brands in the marketplace today.

The case measures 35 mm wide by 40 mm long. 



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