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Vintage Rolex Submariner model 5513 circa 1988-89

Short Description:
A vintage Rolex Submariner dating to 1988 or 1989. One of the last Plastic crystal Submariner produced.

Long Description:

This Rolex Submariner is one of the last plastic crystal model made by the company and dates to between 1988 and 1989.

The watch carries the reference number 5513, a model that has an almost cult like following due to its utilitarian elegance. A classic design that has endured from the mid 1950's. The model was discontinued the year after this model was made.

The watch is in what can only be described as outstanding condition. The case edges are super sharp and there are only the lightest of marks on the case as it does not appear to have ever been polished.

The glossy dial is original to this model and is the original Tritium dial and hand set, with the white gold luminous surrounds.

The bracelet is a non-fliplock original Rolex Oyster bracelet sized with the full 12 links. Note the original Rolex triplock crown fitted to the watch.

The Rolex automatic perpetual movement calibre 1520 is the last generation of this famed and highly regarded movement. It beats at 19800 BPH and was the last step before Rolex introduced the 3000 series movement to all of its sports models such as the Explorer and Submariner.

The watch measures 40 mm wide by 48 mm long.





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