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Rolex Day Date vintage President 1803 circa 1958

Short Description:
Wonderful example of an early 1803 President Day Date with a rare smoke coloured dial. Rare tapered hand set.

Long Description:
The Rolex Day Date is about as iconic a watch as you can find anywhere in the world, everyone simply knows it as the "President", well actually only the bracelet is really known as the President but most people call the watch by that name.

The odd thing is that when the watch was first introduced Rolex sold it on either a strap or the gold bracelet.

This early model 1803 dates to 1958 based on the serial number in the 933,xxx range. You will note the rare tapered hands used on earlier models.

The dial is an uncommon smoke colour that is nearly impossible to photograph so I have given you 2 angles to view the colour variation based on how light strikes it. Also the markers on this dial are solid yellow gold as opposed to simply gold coloured.

The watch features a Rolex Perpetual calibre 1555 that has just been inspected by my Rolex watchmaker and given a clean bill of health.

The solid 18 karat gold case measures 36 mm wide by 44 mm long and is supplied on a black leather strap.



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