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Vintage Omega Constellation Electroquartz F8192, solid gold with Beta 21 movement

Short Description:
massive solid gold watch. The Omega Constellation Electroquartz was introduced in 1969 using the Beta 21 movement developed with a number of other Swiss Watch manufacturers. Weighs over 200 grams of 18K gold.

Long Description:
This Omega Constellation F8192 Electroquartz is a fairly rare watch. It was develpoed at the genesis of the Quartz era.

It dates to the late 1960's and uses the famous Beta 21 movement developed by CEH in association with Omega Patek, Rolex and JLC.

This same movement was used in some of the most expensive watches of its time including the original Rolex Oysterquartz watches and the Patek Philippe Beta Quartz.

The watch has asymmetrical shape with the crown on the left side of the case. The dial is a matching shape of gold with a red date indicator at 6 o'clock.

The watch is in very good condition with light swirl marks that will not be polished to preserve the case integrity. The case and original bracelet weigh about 200 grams of 18K gold, that's almost half a pound. With the surge in gold prices one could almost make money on scrapping it for gold value, but that would be a crime with such a historically significant watch.

The case measures 44 mm long by 37 mm wide and the original signed bracelet is sized to fit an 8.5 inch wrist.



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