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Vintage Omega Marine Chronometer with papers and documentation

Short Description:
with timing certificate, warranty papers, the most accurate watch in the world. bought in 1980

Long Description:
The Marine Chronometer is truly a throw back to early days of navigation. The timepiece was usually a large gimbal mounted clock that a ships captain would use in conjunction with a Sextant to determine where on the planet they currently were and chart a course onwards from there. The timepiece had to be extremely accurate as any minor deviation could result in the incorrect position being logged and any further navigation would be flawed,

It was quite a revelation when Omega introduced an electronic wrist version of the Marine Chronometer. It was billed as the most accurate wristwatch ever made.

This particular watch was purchased in 1980, after the official production run of the model.

The watch is fitted with the original Omega MegaQuartz 2.4 Mhz caliber 1511 movement, which besides being extremely accurate has the most pronounced tick I have heard, with the passing of each second.

The watch is in excellent condition with one slight mark on the crystal which is only visible as certain angles and as such I have opted to leave it installed to maintain the originality of the watch.

This collectible timepiece comes with the original warranty booklet, timing certificate and instructions on how to set the watch. Overall a rare find and in excellent condition.



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