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Vintage Record solid gold cushion cased watch

Short Description:
Great vintage Rotary watch. Cushion shaped case with solid gold mesh bracelet. The watch case is made from solid 9 karat gold.

Long Description:
This is a very early Record branded solid gold Swiss watch.

The case is the classic cushion shaped model with a hinged back. The case is made from 9 karat pink gold and is in amazing condition. There is one slight impression of the back of the case and is only visible at certain angles and not seen when worn on the wrist.

The original dial has an even vintage patina and features the earliest version of the Record logo that I have seen. It features a black swan painted above the name Record.

Inside the case is a 15 jewel Record signed movement. The winding wheel also has the black swan engraved on it.

The square gold case with rounds edges, measures 30 mm square. The 10 karat gold mesh bracelet will fit a 7.5 inch wrist comfortably. The combined weight of the case and bracelet together is over 41 grams of gold.

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