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Solid gold Tudor by Rolex, case sticker on back

Short Description:
Tudor by Rolex solid pink gold case. Australian market case with Roman Arabic dial.

Long Description:
This Rolex Tudor watch is little piece of history. The evolution of the Tudor watch company is documented in our article about the brand on this site.

This particular watch dates to the 1930's and was originally sold in the Australian market. The Australian Rolex's were usually sold with local market cases to avoid tariffs and duties. This model uses a 9 karat gold Handley case. The most interesting part of the case is the original green sticker on the rear of the caseback with the Tudor by Rolex declaration. Due to the presence of the sticker, I have asked the watchmaker not to wash the case to prevent and loss of this historical feature.

The dial of the watch had natural patina on it so it did need to be redone. With a unique opportunity we elected to have the dial redone with the popular and period correct Roman Arabic pattern. The watch is truly stunning.

The movement in the watch is the Rolex modified calibre 59 movement used in many commonwealth market models.

The solid gold case measures 30.5 mm wide by 36 mm long and is supplied on the buyers choice of black or brown leather straps.



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