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Vintage Rolex GMT watch reference 1675 circa 1971

Short Description:
The longest running GMT model produced by Rolex, the 1675. One of the most iconic vintage Rolex watches. Linked back to the heyday of Pan Am (Pan American Airways)

Long Description:
One of Rolex's famous vintage tool watches, the GMT reference 1675. Most collectors are aware that the GMT was commissioned by Pan Am at the dawn of jet aviation to allow pilots to keep track of dual timezones and thereby stay o local time and avoid jet-lag.

This is the second model of GMT, the 1675 which followed the 6542. This particular watch dates to 1971.

The watch is fitted with the original tritium dial and hands. The luminous of the dial has aged to an even cream colour. The hands have aged evenly to a slightly darker tone.

The calibre 1570 Rolex automatic movement was just serviced by my Rolex trained watchmaker and is keeping excellent time.

The watch is fitted to a modern Rolex heavy Oyster bracelet, model 78360, with a full 13 steel links.

The watch measures 40 mm wide by 48 mm long.



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