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Rolex Oyster Air-Tiger circa 1946, larger size case

Short Description:
A splendid vintage Rolex with a gold filled Oyster case. The watch has a rare Rolex hand set and is fitted with the famed Rolex 10 1/2 Hunter manual wind movement.

Long Description:
The case on this 1946 Rolex is larger than the boy-sized models you would typically find for sale. The restored silver satin coloured dial features luminous Arabic numerals for hour markers and the coolest original Rolex hands I've seen in many years.

The Air-Tiger model dates from this period of Rolex's history when many different models were being introduced to capture the imagination of a public fascinated with post-war aviation. Other models introduced during this time were the Air-Giant, Air-Lion and Air-King.

The case is gold plated with an original Rolex Oyster Patent crown that screws down tightly to the case tube. The stainless steel caseback features the reference number 4365 and the period correct script "Rolex Oyster Case" engraved on the outside.

The World War 2 era 17 jewel 10 1/2 Hunter manual wind movement has been serviced and is keeping excellent time.

The watch has a small line through the sub-seconds register on the dial and some visible watchmaker marks on the back. The watch is nearly 70 years old and is in otherwise excellent condition.

The case measures 34 mm wide by 38 mm long and will by supplier on the buyers choice of black or brown leather straps.



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