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Rolex Wellington watch circa 1943 with original chromed case

Short Description:
A rare model with an original 24 hour sub-seconds dial, 17 jewel 10 1/2 Hunter Super-balance movement.

Long Description:
This Rolex Wellington is one of the more uncommon Rolex watches found in Canadian Market.

The watch dates back to 1943 at a time when Rolex was quite popular with Canadian families sending troops to Europe. Not only given as gifts, many of the soldiers and pilots chose them for their personal timepiece for use during this time.

This Rolex watch features one of the larger boy sized cases from the period, with a 17 jewel, super-balance Rolex 10 1/2 hunter manual wind movement. The movement has a sub-seconds register. Interestingly, Rolex sold this watch as an Observatory grade watch as stated on the dial and is all their literature.

The dial is an original 2 tone 24 hour military model with the luminous Arabic numerals applied.

The cases for these Canadian Market models were produced in North American and this one is clearly marked Keystone inside the caseback. The chrome plated case has a very appealing flat wide bezel that adds to the visual attraction of the watch. There is some minimal wear to the capping on the outer edges of the lugs which is typical to these models.

The watch measures 31mm wide by 39 mm long and is supplied on a brand new black or brown leather strap.



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