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Vintage Rolex Oyster Commander, war time Canadian Oyster

Short Description:
Rolex Oyster Commander with Rolex calibre 59 movement. Gold filled case with patinaed dial. One of the classic Canadian Oysters produced by Rolex Canada.

Long Description:
A great Rolex time capsule, this war time Rolex was one of the classic Canadian Oysters produced by Rolex Canada during the Second World War.

The watch features a Swiss-made gold-filled Oyster case reference 3478, with a stainless steel back. These cases were not made for use in Europe but mostly in Canada.

The watch is fitted with a Swiss-made ebauche movement made by Fontmellon and modified by Rolex. The main source of modification was the balance wheel and escapement.

The original dial features a cream colored background with metal Arabic numerals and stick shaped hands. The dial had some oxidization patina around the numerals as the paint reacted to the oxidization givien off by the hour markers. This continued to happen to Rolex watches till the 1990's when they switched to using gold for metallic markers, eliminating the possibility of this chemical reaction.

The watch is in excellent mechanical condition and was just serviced so is running well and keeping time.

The gold filled case measures 30 mm wide and is supplied on either. Black or brown leather strap.



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