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Rolex Explorer model 5501 circa 1958 with butterfly rotor movement

Short Description:
Great vintage Rolex with arrowhead markers and dauphine hands. Eggshell texture and colour dial. Early calibre 1530 movement.

Long Description:
This is an early Rolex Explorer watch. The inside caseback stamping shows a date of the second quarter of 1958.

The case is one the early models that also show the original stamping on the outside "Rolex Oyster Case". Many from this period have had the script wear off or it has been polished off.

The dial is a wonderful eggshell patina. The hour markers are the popular arrowhead style which are yellow gold coloured to match the solid gold fluted bezel and original Rolex yellow Oyster crown. The pointed yellow dauphine hands are also period correct and all original to the watch.

Please note the vintage high domed crystal on the watch. It caused a bit of distortion on the lower right corner of the photos.

The movement in the watch is an early version of the iconic calibre 1530 which made the Rolex brand famous and was used in other watches like the Rolex Submariner 5510 and 5508. This watch was just serviced by my Rolex trained watchmaker.

The case measures 34 mm wide by 40 mm long.



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