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Glycine Airman vintage pilots watch

All original vintage Glycine Airman 24 hr pilots watch. Circa 1960’s Vietnam era production. Hacking seconds feature.

A Glycine Airman 24 hour pilots watch. This iconic design dates back to the original model produced in 1953.
The first models were produced with a very simple dial that did not have the Glycine logo on it. This particular watch is a later model from the late 1960’s and has the crown-like Glycine logo above the text “Glycine Airman”.
The dial differs from most other watches as it shows time in a full 24 hour format. One rotation of the hour hand broken into 24 markers for a full day.
These watches were quite popular during the Vietnam War as servicemen living on Military time, were able to read the time directly off the watch.
The Glycine Automatic movement, made by A Schild, was just serviced and is keeping excellent time.
The watch is still fitted with the factory original thatched winding crown and lower locking screw that secures the engraved bezel. The rotating bezel is marked with a 24 hour pattern to act as a GMT indicator or for referencing a second time zone.
The watch case is in very good condition with some minor tool marks on the case back and light marks on the lugs. This was produced as a tool watch and has sharp case edges so I have respected the collector appeal of the watch and left it in its original condition.
This is an all original authentic Glycine Airman. The hacking seconds feature is still functional on the watch which is a very desirable feature.
The all steel watch case measures 36.5 mm wide by 46 mm long and is supplied on a black padded leather strap. Another interesting thing about these watches is that most of the Glycine Airman watches used the Compressor style waterproof cases reserved for divers watches of the period.
The Glycine Airman is still being produced today as more of a homage watch with several variations available. Here is one example of a basic modern Glycine Airman

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