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Vintage Hanhart Flyback Flieger Chronograph

Post War Hanhart vintage chronograph reference 417ES, using the famed calibre 15 movement with flyback feature.

This vintage Hanhart chronograph dates to the period following World War 2 and is similar to other Flieger Chronographs that were issued to Military and Goverments agencies in Germany and France.
The watch varies from the Wartime issued pieces in that the pushers were not symetrical on the earlier models but the pushers on the later models were the same distance from the winding crown.
The watch uses a stainless steel case with chromed pushers and crown and has a reference number 417ES. The crown and pushers have brassed somewhat but as they are original I will not change them.
The movement in the watch is the famous Hanhart manual wind Flyback action, shockproof Calibre 15 movement which was put back into production in 1948 after post war measures ceased. Some watches were shipped to the French Government under the brand name VIXA.
The watch measures 38.5 mm wide by 47 mm long.

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