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Vintage Rolex Royalite fancy dial


Vintage Rolex Royalite circa 1945 with fancy dial and early genuine Rolex Mercedes hands.

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Vintage Rolex Royalite with fancy dial. The watch features the precursor to the California dial. The luminous hour markers on the dial consist of sunken Arabic outlines and hash markers at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock markers. The 12 o’clock marker features an upside down triangular luminous shape, much as you would find on a current Rolex Sports watch bezel.
The dial has been restored on the original Rolex plate. The original dial paint had tarnished due to ultraviolet staining. The dial is silvered white in color and is lighter in direct light as opposed to the shaded hue pictured.
The original vintage Rolex Mercedes hands fitted to the watch have been cleaned and re-lumed with the material used in the dial restoration for perfect matching. One difference to note on the older vintage Mercedes hand set is that the minute hand has a tapered profile, almost resembling a baseball bat.
The watch is cased with a Rolex Steel case with a reference number 4220. The case serial number in the 371,000 range dates it roughly to 1945. The case reference 4220 was a popular reference for other models such at the Speedking and the Oyster Royal.
Fitting in the watch is a fully signed Rolex 15 jewel manual wind movement with shock protection. This movement is one of the famed Rolex 10 1/2 Hunter movements that established the ruggedness and reliability of Rolex watches during and following the Second World War. The watch was serviced by my Rolex trained watchmaker during the restoration.
As with other vintage Rolex models of the time, this watch is fitted with a domed acrylic crystal.
The steel Oyster case measures 30 mm wide by 36 mm long. An original Rolex Oyster patent screw down crown is fitted to the watch and screws down tightly to the threaded tube. The watch is pictured on a black leather strap but can be supplied on a brown leather model if the buyer chooses.

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