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Rolex GMT 1675 vintage watch Pepsi bezel

This Rolex GMT Oyster Perpetual Chronometer is perhaps one of the most popular vintage Rolex sports watches.
The history of the GMT dates back to the mid 1950’s when Pan American airlines needed trans-Atlantic pilots to keep a constant sleep cycle to avoid jet lag. Pilots could now quickly reference local time vs time back home with the 24 hour hand and the rotating 24 hour bezel, with the red AM blue PM colours. The first model was the Rolex GMT ref 6542.
This particular watch dates to about 1968 based on the serial number. The dial is original to the first non gilt dial watches from the late 1960’s or early 1970’s with its distinctive “long E” letter in Rolex. Note the middle element in the E projects farther out beyond the top and bottom pieces of the letter. This feature is indicative of the Mark 1 dial on non gilt text Rolex GMT reference 1675 watches.
This watch is fitted with a remarkable and highly desirable fuchsia toned bezel insert. This happens to some Rolex GMT bezel due to paint oxidization or aging. Many collectors seek out this colour variations due to the natural rarity of the deviation.
Also note the watch comes fully serviced by Rolex Canada and is supplied with the two year International warranty valid on all watches serviced by them.
The dial on the watch is presented with its original patina as shown in the photos. The original tritium hour markers have not been touched up but left as original. You will note that some natural aging and tritium loss has occurred on a number of the markers. As opposed to touching up the dial, we believe the watch should be presented in its natural condition, reflecting the history and service it has provided over the past 50 years. Other watches appear in the market with replaced dial and bezels to make them visually appealing but that does hurt the collectible value.
The Rolex caliber 1575, automatic perpetual movement is keeping excellent time following its recent service.
Most collectors are already aware but its worth mentioning that, as with most Rolex Sports watches, the stainless steel case measures 40mm across including the built in crown guards. The watch is also supplied on its original Rolex folded Oyster bracelet and housed in the Rolex green service division suede pouch.

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