• Christies Speedmaster 50 auction

    Omega Speedmaster Professional flown in space auctioned at Christies

    The Omega Speedmaster Professional is perhaps best known as the First Watch Worn on the Moon. It achieved that status after  being chosen as the Official timepiece Flight qualified for all manned space missions by NASA. Collectors have long yearned to own an actual Omega Speedmaster worn in space or perhaps even on the lunar …

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  • Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016_522.

    Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016 unveiled

    The new Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016 is the latest Omega Olympic commemorative watch. The Omega Olympic tradition started with the 1956 Melboune Olympic Seamaster XVI and was followed by a mechanical Quartz Seamaster for the 1972 Munich Olympic games. Each Olympics since has brought a special edition watch and for the Rio 2016 …

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  • Moonwatch presentation box contents

    Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Presentation Box

    Omega Speedmaster Professional moonwatches are getting a makeover of sorts. Starting in mid-July 2014, select models of the Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph will begin shipping with a special presentation box containing a treasure trove of unique accessories. The legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch is perhaps one of the most iconic wrist watches of all time having been …

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  • Vintage Omegs Speedmaster

    History of the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

    The history of the Omega Speedmaster begins in 1943 when Omega launched the movement “27 CHRO C12”; CHRO for Chronograph, 27 for the movements diameter in mm and C12 for the 12-hour totalizer. The movement was designed by Albert Piguet. From 1946 it was available with a shock protection system and antimagnetic balance spring. Omega’s …

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  • Home

    Our latest watches for sale  Vintage Omega Seamaster automatic Used Rolex Cellini ref 50509 in white gold Used Rolex and vintage Omega watches for sale at Yorktime. We buy and sell many fine quality Antique and Vintage Used Watches from the 20th Century. Many items in our inventory are highly collectible wrist watches that are …

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  • 1956 Omega Seamaster XVI

    Omega Olympic watches, a look back in time

    The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are in full swing at present. What better time to reflect on Omega’s historical involvement with the Olympic games. Omega first became the official time keeper of the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles. Omega has been the official Olympic timer ever since with the exception of two summer and 3 …

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  • Seiko Sportura

    Why Seiko should matter to you

    I posted a picture recently to my Facebook page of a Seiko Sportura SQL007 -an alien-looking chronograph that looks like a lump of molten metal with four separate dials covered by four separate crystals and powered by a hybrid quartz/mechanical movement.  It charges up with the movement of your wrist, displays the time just like …

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  • Rolex Daytona Laurance Yap

    The Allure of the Rolex Daytona

    I first developed an interest in the Rolex Daytona long before I knew it was “important”. My dad’s always been a Rolex guy. He wore a 34mm Oyster Perpetual for almost thirty years before he brought it in for its first service sometime in the early nineties. When he came back – watch keeping good …

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  • What are Tudor watches?

    Tudor watch cases are similar to Rolex models and often are sold with Rolex’s famous Oyster case. During the period when both Rolex and Tudor used acrylic crystals, the Tudor and Rolex models would often share a similar depth rating. Many Tudor models up to the 1990’s were sold with Rolex signed bracelets and crowns …

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  • Vintage Canadian Rolex Oyster Watches

    The Canadian Rolex market Oyster watches date back to the late 1930’s and are some of the most affordable vintage Rolex watches available on the used watch market today. They differ from Swiss marketed Rolex’s in that they used a Rolex modified ebauche movement made by Fontmelon, their caliber FF30 subsequently renamed the Rolex caliber …

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  • The Rolex Submariner

    The Rolex Submariner has celebrated over 50 years since it was first introduced. We can trace its roots back to the very first waterproof Rolex Oyster. However, the appearance of the model 6204 Submariner in 1954, signaled the dawn of what we have come to identify as the ultimate sports tool watch. The Rolex 6204 …

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  • Omega Watches, history of an iconic brand

    The story of Omega watches begins in 1848. With its founder Louis Brandt, hand assembling pocket watches put together from parts made in the local La Chaux-de-Fonds. Louis Brandt passed away in 1879, leaving the company to his two sons Louis-Paul and Cesar. They moved the company to Bienne in January 1880. The name OMEGA …

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  • Tag Heuer watches 150 years of watchmaking heritage

    Tag Heuer is one of the most popular watches in the marketplace today. The company has a long and storied history dating back to when they were just called Heuer watches. The watchmaking firm Edouard Heuer and Co dates back to 1864 when it was founded in Switzerland by its namesake. In reality, the original …

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  • Speculating on Vintage Watch values

    Determining a watch’s value is perhaps the biggest obstacle in watch collecting. So many factors go into  the watch value for any particular piece. There are several price guides that one can purchase at your local book store or online, all designed to offer up an estimated value of a particular watch. The obvious caveat …

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