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Tudor Submariner 7928 circa 1964

Vintage Tudor Submariner 7928 dating to 1964 with original chapter ring dial. Just serviced and all original.

Tudor Submariner 7928 with gilt chapter ring dial dating to 1964.
This all original watch has an original transitional dial with silver text and a gilt chapter ring with the minute indexes printed on it. The dial luminous is the original tritium material which has aged into a lovely tan parchment colour. The original luminous in the hands have also aged but to a different shade. There is some slight lacquer spotting on the otherwise excellent dial.
This Tudor Submariner 7928 is fitted with a later production Tudor calibre 390 movement. The 17 jewel automatic Tudor 390 calibre is based on a Felsa movement and bears a physical resemblance to the Rolex 1030 movement which also used a similar rotor clip. The movement was just service by my Rolex trained watchmaker.
During the service I gave the watchmaker explicit instructions not to polish the case only the crystal. In the interest of preserving the watch’s original high domed tropic crystal I had the acrylic crystal polished to remove some scratches. You may still see some light ones off to the side but they are certainly not distracting and only visible at certain angles. Try finding one of these original crystals today and once you do, sit down before asking the price. Then move onto the original fat font bezel insert which still has its original tritium pearl installed. Perhaps you’ve seen those for sale also.
The watch is also fitted with the original Rolex twin-lock crown and tube instead of the newer and less original trip-lock units.
The stainless steel case has fat lugs from being left unpolished from its last service. The watch was serviced by Rolex early on so has likely been polished over the years but clearly these were light as there is still plenty of metal left on the lugs and the watch closely resembles the profile it had when it left the factory. What has suffered however is the area between the lugs where some bracelet or strap has worn the serial number off the case. The metal has light oxidization on the service so this has to have occurred decades ago. The model number is still visible but quite faint and at angle a pictured.
The watch is an honest original example of a Tudor Submariner 7928 that was worn and enjoyed. It has kept all of its original parts but wears the patina of a life being used not sitting a drawer.
My asking price reflects the less than museum quality but is probably a reflection of the value in the sum of its parts.

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