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Tudor vintage Submariner, model 7928, circa 1966

Tudor Submariner, circa 1966 with original Rolex service dial.

A very collectible Tudor vintage Submariner made by Rolex.This Tudor Submariner is one of the most sought after vintage watches today. The similarity to the famed Rolex Submariner is no mistake, as the Tudor line is produced by Rolex and in days gone by, Tudor watches were remarkably similar in appearance to their uptown cousins, Rolex. For a better explanation of the relationship between Tudor and Rolex, click on the hyperlink to read an article I wrote explaining the history of Tudor watches.This Submariner has the vintage matte black dial with white text which was identical to the Rolex Submariners of the time. The dial and hands match in texture and colour which is one of the factors that collectors use to rated the desirability of a watch. The dial is an original Rolex replacement service dial from the late 1960’s/early 1970’s as it has the familiar luminous dots with rectangular bars at 3,6 and 9 o’clock positions.The watch is fitted with the Tudor automatic calibre 390, which some people have confused with the Rolex calibre 1030, due to the identical appearance of the automatic rotor assemblies. The movement is actually a Rolex modified FEF calibre. Note the date code stamping of 1966 inside the caseback.The watch was just serviced by my Rolex trained watchmaker and is keeping excellent time. The watch has been tested as waterproof, however we do not guarantee waterproofing.The watch measures 40 mm wide by 48 mm long and is supplied on your choice of black or brown leather straps.

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