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Vintage Omega Constellation circa 1958

A vintage Omega Constellation circa 1958 in solid 18 karat yellow gold.
This watch is all original with a slight patina on the painted golden dial. You will note that mst of the patina exists in the lacquer layer and this has caused some of the text to fade slightly. The mark at 2 o’clock is actually on the crystal and will be removed prior to shipping. This watch features the original curved dial as opposed to the faceted pie-pan dial. The dial is fitted with a metal Omega brand logo and marked Omega Automatic Chronometre Officially Certified, above the hand post. In the bottom half of the dial, The watch features an applied metal star with the words Constellation Calendar.
The solid 18k gold case carries a dual reference number, 2943 SC and 2954 SC. This is quite common with Omega watches from the period.
Note the Constellation Observatory medallion on the back of the watch, it is in exceptional original condition.
The Omega automatic calibre 504, whch is adjusted to five positions, was just serviced an is functioning flawlessly. The serial number in the 16 million range dates the watch to about 1958.
This watch is also fitted with the original 10 sided gold capped crown which is very difficult to find.
The watch measures 34.5mm wide and about 41mm long. A brown leather strap is currently fitted but can be supplied with a black leather strap if the buyer chooses.
It should be noted that while the Omega Constellation was originally introduced in 1952, the vast majority were made in steel and two tone (steel/gold combinations. These 18 karat gold Connies don’t come up very often.

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