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Vintage Vacheron Constantin watch circa 1949

a vintage watch from Vacheron Constantin, the case has desirable crab claw lugs. A solid gold Chronometer that appears to date to the late 1940’s.

This vintage Vacheron Constantin dates to 1949-50 based on the serial number of 477,xxx.
In keeping with the production date of the 1940’s you can see all the key styling components that draw many collectors back this period. Note the dramatic crab claw style lugs as well as the combination of hash marks, Arabic numerals and gold dots for the hour markers. The gold hands on the watch are a unique baton shape.
The movement fitted in the watch is the legendary Vacheron 466-3B which is Chronometer rated. Of particular interest to watch collectors is the highly unusual regulation adjust used on the 466 calibre, truly a work of art.
The dial appears to be an older restoration with some small marks on the surface. The solid gold case measures 32 mm wide by 38 mm, the same size as the vintage Patek Calatravas of that era.

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