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Vintage Rolex Patek Ladies Watch

Uncommon Ladies Rolex Patek wristwatch

This is perhaps the rarest Women’s Rolex watch that I have come across; I have only seen 4 of them including this example.
The watch is signed Patek Rolex on the 15 jewel movement and elsewhere the white gold-filled case and the restored dial are signed Rolex.
This does not appear to be any sort of a hybrid watch between Patek Philippe and Rolex, but rather the product of the ego of a Canadian Jeweller who ordered these Rolex’s and had his name “Patek” etched on the movements at the factory.
The case detail is exquisite with the filigree pattern and the double stepped side wings. The watch is also fitted with a correct ladies Rolex Brevet Patent crown. The watch is fitted on a period correct cocktail metal bracelet. The watch measures 16mm wide by 26mm long.

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